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My fellow nation and political enthusiasts,
My name is Saber and I currently run my own micronation, and as an outside I would like to become a Moderator for either the discord or the newly created forum.

As an outsider/foreign reprehensive, I would not be a biased moderator and be fair in discussions and decisions. I will hold every person accountable for their wrong doings and be active. I will help keep the forum (if I become a forum moderator) or discord (if I become a Discord Moderator) appropriate and professional. I will be strict but fair.

I have also moderated in many other types of companies, servers, and/or MMORPGs. That includes, but is not limited to: A Toontown Private Server, a couple of minecraft servers, a few small discord servers, and much more.

I hope you choose me to become a moderator.
Since this is a direct democracy, if you would like me to be a moderator, please upvote this comment.

Thank you,
Current Up-Votes on Discord: 3
Current Yesses: 1

(UPDATE: If I do become moderator I propose we have a ban appeal board and a ban request board)
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