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TO Create a successful executive branch while securing incorruptibility there is the possibility of rotating power after a decided period of time which would allow the chosen individual to make clear proposition by the people, enforce laws, and establish and maintain government organizations. This system would require consenting citizens to act as a figurehead for organization, while true power is in the people. This system could work if chosen individuals could only run once before either a population cycle, cool down period, or only be able to run once at all. To sort out corrupt officials from regaining power, a special committee could be convened of randomly selected citizens to convict or not convict the accused leader. The accusation would require reasonable proof such as audited finances proving embezzlement. To secure true neutrality in the jury, there was proposed a system of vetting that would require a citizen of incorruptible faith which is inherently impossible, thus suggesting that the only way to prove pure neutrality is currently impossible. Despite this, the algorithm designated to choose jury members could be programmed to only select those who are unaffiliated and have not shown significant favoritism to any specific party.
-Big Bic Pupper
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