The TOR Discord Chat Reform (Proposed by exactDimension)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose the Great TOR Chat Reform. As you can see, we have too many chats and we are too unorganized.(edited)
We have a joke chat #g-words which is just #memes but less active, then we have an ancient and locked chat #debate, then the chat #beginner’s-guide has only 1 message (and that is fine) but extremely many uncorrected mistakes, I have written at least 2 times to the #general chat for mods to correct it, but I was always ignored. Then we have #economics-debate-agenda-items - useful only for one debate, now useless. #flag and #name are not needed now because we already have both flag and name. What use has the #constitutional-ammendments chat? It is inactive and our constitution is apparently being rewritten but I have not seen any updates at all. With this, we can move #mods-debate to the Capital City group, because it is important for the government and the functioning of the country. But now the Political group has only #jobs and #jobs-discussion, so we should create a new group instead - Economical. In this group we would have #market, #currency-debate, #jobs and #jobs-discussion. Our private chat in TOR, the #democratic-socialists should be completely clear with only one message - the invite link to the custom DemSoc server. In the name of #orginization-discussion is a mistake - it should be A, not I.
The group Gridcoin Debate should be transferred to the new Economical group and the #gridcoin-open-debate-voice voice chat should be replaced by #economics-voice-chat in the aforementioned Economical group. Also there is a mistake in the #disscusions voice chat - it should be discussions. Another change is in the Capital City group - we should have, as a country, special groups for the diplomats and other representatives from another micronations/countries - #embassy-[micronation name]. If I am not mistaken, we already have one such representative - @Saber. These special embassy chats should be under the control of the represented micronation (if the ambassador wants to lock the chat, hide it or invite only specific people there). The chat #legal-department-job-postings should be also deleted because we already have #corbin’s-office and #jobs.
@RancidCheeto @Lord @Corbin @jonnywak12 etc. I see a few mistakes in #beginner’s-guide: appropriately, recommend, just, organizations, aren’t/are not, #organization-request instead of #propositions, alternatively, with. This should be corrected as soon as possible.
-Big Bic Pupper
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