The Digitalist Party: An explanation

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Digitalism may be difficult to understand at first, as it's unlike any conventional ideologies. This is understandable, and just a effect from the nature of it.

In short:

In digitalism, there is a special focus on the online aspect of our nation, as it is what sets us a part from most other countries.
We are against parties who work off of old world ideals, and therefore only limit themselves in their thinking. In a world that is entirely different from what people are familiar with, we hope to become our own thing an develop ourselves in our non-physical environment.

Our economic policy:

We want en economic system based off of information, instead of goods, which are only possible in the physical world. We propose a system where there is a forum where one can give money to posts that they like, encouraging people to make more of it, similar to giving something a like or an upvote.

For a more complete explanation, read our manifestos:

The Party Manifesto: ... p=sharing

Our Economic Manifesto: ... sp=sharing
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